Was he a narsisstic or was it something else?

So in the beginning my ex put a lot of effort into the relationship.. here are some of the things that happened:
- he would text me when he's there or home.
-he would literally stare at me and break no eye contact hand under chin etc.
- told me he loved me on the third date (2 months of talking and knowing each other)
-video called every other day for a few hours
-talked about the future and asked questions i dont know the answers too since it was new. (Once he even said oh i know my kid is not gonna be (something that was a bit important to me) )
-the parents / mom were really excited about the relationship that i got their house key..
-he gave me a care package
-wanted me to tag him in pictures whenever i would post something about us
- never came to see me after doing something and was seconds away from my place
-bought my family and I an expensive item
-during the breakup he told me to keep the shirt and wipe my tears and makeup off of it and you can tell he felt better and relieved about the situation.
-Blocked me on every social media.
-Same week i found out he was on tinder
-would sleep for 12+ hours and leave me hanging
-i would write out these reassuring messages and asked if i could keep doing those messages.
-i told him im not big on eating something and the first meal we had was something im not a huge fan of.
-didnt even cry when his pet died, he's known for cutting people out of his life and coming and go as he pleases.
We broke up because him and his family were doing an unhealthy habit that i asked if they could compromise and not have them do it literally in my face.. they did better until it went back to square one and brought up again to him.
He was narssistic
He had other issues going on
He was infatuated/liked you and lost feelings
He didn't want to deal with the situation anymore so he broke up with you
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Was he a narsisstic or was it something else?
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