Why am I always pushing guys away?

I have been told before that I am intimidating to men, I have a lot of different interests and talents, from art to music and culture, communication and analytical thinking. All of these qualities have helped me advance my career, become respectable in my profession. I feel though that some of these qualities have scared men away in the past either the guy gets overly eager to impress me which turns me off or treat me as a feminist crazy girl that cannot be dated cause she's too much free. I feel like I don't know how to read men or their intentions. I noticed that my extroverted nature and excitement are coming off as aggression to most guys I dated before. And when I explain that I'm looking for a connection and stg casual, most guys were just plainly playing me cause they told me you're a cool girl. All I want is to be respected because even if its just casual or sex I always respected the guys. I rarely found this to be reciprocated. I almost didn't realize up until now that having mostly male friends-my desire to communicate with the opposite sex comes across as chasing. What I am looking for is to socialize and love deeply not superficially. Some friends told me that I keep challenging men but I don't want to compromise that or my personality for the sake of keeping a guy interested in me. I have worked hard to become independent and educate myself, would just love to meet people who can appreciate that in me. I am also bisexual and almost never get jealous or possessive. When I tried to explain to guys that we are free individuals, they then tried to pass me on to their friends cause I'm cool and enjoy life but it's exhausting trying to have a good heart when people just enjoy playing mind and power games. Thank you for reading this, it's more like externalizing my frustration with the modern dating world and how used we became to disrespect people and both sexes do this unfortunately.
Why am I always pushing guys away?
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