He broke up with me bc of my body count?

A guy I recently started dating broke up with me after he asked about my body count during the middle of sex and I was honest and told him 9. When we first started dating 2 weeks ago he had asked me during sex and I wasn’t comfortable and I was afraid he’d judge me and I had told him 2.

Now he says that he can’t trust me and hates the fact those men have treated me like a c** bucket. He also is worried that I would cheat on him since were long distance. I have never given him any reason to think I’d cheat on him and I’ve never cheated on anyone before in my life.

He’s asked me to message my hookups to tell them we can’t talk and that I’m seeing someone. I’m fine with this even though some of them were friends and I’m sad to lose them from my life completely.

I don’t know… I guess I’m just depressed I’ve hurt him but also am questioning the relationship…
He broke up with me bc of my body count?
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