Is there a problem here or am I just thinking too much? boyfriend situation?

is this weird behavior from boyfriend?

i dont know if im being needy or overreacting honestly as this is my first relationship.

he's been really good to me so far. he stays over at my place maybe 4-5 times a week. after a long day we just chill and do hw and sleep or watch a movie. he usually calls me after his class ends and we meet up.

I've noticed that when i want to go out however he says that he's just busy and i get it because he sure is but later on he goes out with friends… this happens usually every saturday….

also he refuses to take me? why is that?

he says that i’ll get bored and that these people are older than me. he also explains that the place is small and also no one brings their gfs or bfs.

just recently however (2 weeks ago) i went to this art gallery and he saw my vip tickets and he asked why i didn't take him. i just exploded and said “bc u rather spend time with your friends” and he just frowned lol.

other than that he's been great. we helps me a lot in school and i enjoy his company when he stays over.

he went to Canada to visit family! (he comes back tmw after two weeks) he called me maybe twice other than that he's just been sending me memes. i also kinda got annoyed but i get it he's with family…

but yeah i dunno is there a problem? or am i just in my head too much?

for example i wanted to go to this car show and he said he was going with one of his friends but he never did and we never went :( stuff like that annoys me..

however before he left to Canada we went out fot a movie and dinner and he stayed over … so yeah
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lastly most of his friends know who i am. i am starting in his college in the fall and will probably see all of them. and his of course haha… he’s introduced me to them.. most of them
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lastly i have his apartment keys (ny trash it! im joking haha)
Is there a problem here or am I just thinking too much? boyfriend situation?
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