Will he ever commit or?

So, I met this guy and I literally felt an instant connection. We went out one time and we hit it off perfectly. He even offered to pick me up after work, take me home to get changed and then drive us both to the place where we’d originally meet. Everything was going great. We talked about our lives, music, everything. He told me some pretty personal stuff as well. He kissed me twice but never even mentioned sex. We both had a great time and agreed to go out again. I didn’t feel the need to ask him where we’re heading, it was way too soon.
A week later this conversation actually came up and he made it clear that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. He will be out of town for the whole summer along with other reasons. He actually told me he wasn’t even looking for something casual but then he met me. He generally has me feeling like I’m more than just a hookup, he doesn’t strike me as the kinda guy that will fool around with every woman he meets. Plus, he was interested on getting to know me and he never pressured me about sex or anything more really. Some random people mistook us as a couple and he didn’t even bother correcting them.
To me, he’s boyfriend material but he doesn’t want to commit and he was clear about it. I know it’s unfair to both of us if I agree to this and then try talking him into a relationship. I guess I just need advice..
I like relationships better, I wanna be able to catch feelings, but something inside me tells me I’d be hella stupid if I just let him go like that. Should I agree to this or put an end while it’s still early? Is it possible for him to change his mind or am I falsely hoping?
Thanks in advance.
Will he ever commit or?
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