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I (21F) am thinking about ghosting my boyfriend? opinions?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a couple of months but recently I’ve noticed a few things that are really starting to bother me a lot. For one, when I think we’re going to hang out, he abruptly changes his mind. He’s flaked on me the past 3 times. What really made me furious was on Friday, he was supposed to pick me up after work around 7pm but he didn’t text me back. He called me around 8:30pm and said he would come get me and said “sorry I didn’t answer, I was sleep.”

He is bad at communicating. He will change something up then won’t say it until last minute and lately he has been a lot more snappy towards me because of stress due to work. Anyways, he said if it was cool If we went to his friend’s house and I said okay. If I’m being real, his friend literally had a house like those hoarder houses! It was FILTHY. Trash everywhere, appliances in my the bathtub, cats scattered everywhere and I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. On top of that, my boyfriend kept leaving me in the house by myself with his friend’s girlfriend. I told my boyfriend “why do you keep leaving me by myself m?” And he said “sorry” but he said it in a way that wasn’t really sincere.

My boyfriend called my name to come over and he says “do you wanna go home?” Slurring his words because he was stupid drunk. When he gets around his friends, he ALWAYS gets carried away with the drinking and he acts obnoxiously. He wanted more to drink and his friend was gonna give him another beer and I told him no.

So at this point, I’m pretty pissed because one, I told my boyfriend to not to get carried away and he still did it anyways so now because he decided to get so drunk I have to wait for him to sober up. We left the friend’s house at 5am.

Next day I tell my boyfriend if we can go to this restaurant that I like but he gives me a lame excuse and says, “I don’t feel like driving that far.” But he said he would go back to his friend’s house that lives the same exact distance from the restaurant
I (21F) am thinking about ghosting my boyfriend? opinions?
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