I get butterflies when my boyfriend texts or calls me.

Every text or call I get from him my heart goes all crazy and I get butterfly's, what is that suppose to mean?!

And is it normal for me to not text him during the day to try and give him some space, or is that saying I'm not thinking of him at all?!

Any body have the same thing... Answer please :)


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  • Depending on how long you have been together, it could be a "Yay! He texted me!" type of excitement.

    • Its only been 5 months

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  • You are infatuated by him, how is that a problem?! haha


    No, it's OK not to text. One day text , the other don't. Let it be spontaneous ;)

    • Will that last a long time or its only because we have only dated for a few months?

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    • Thanks so much I shall enjoy every minute of it :)

    • Enjoy :)