We’re both girls but I want to marry her?

I honestly feel myself falling in love.
We’re both women in our early 20s and we met at work. She remembers when we met because she told another coworker when she met me. She started off teasing me a lot but will genuinely ask how I am. Once I came into work in a bad mood.
I guess she sensed this and found me when I was alone and asked if everything was ok and told me that I could tell her. She asked this twice and I told her she was weird because I sensed some weird flirtatious energy lol. We weren’t even super close back then for her to ask me that but I think she might’ve assumed I broke up with my boyfriend because she knew we had issues. I’m bi and I think she’s open to it. She butts into all my conversations except for when I talk about my boyfriend, she stays quiet. She has gotten me in trouble for texting him. She was above me at work. She confuses me because she’s called another coworker “pretty girl” but they seemed more sisterly. Also she called a gay guy her favorite and told this older married woman she “loved her”. She only teases me though. I’m close to another manager and she gives me an affectionate nickname that she called me in front of my crush and my crush was like “if I called Marie ( me ) that she’d slap me”
she was consoling me about a customer and we were alone and she said she wanted to hear their side and my side of course and she was like “I care about you”. Then I messed up something when she said this and she laughed then we got interrupted.

After that I was alone at the front of the store and she came by with some inventory boxes to put away and was like “I’m giving you this because I care about you” which didn’t make sense. She also took a picture with me where pulled me in for a bear hug. In her pic with everyone else she just had one arm around their shoulder.
She apparently went to a a bar with some of my other coworkers and someone told me that we should maybe go and crash.
I really love her. Does she feel the same?
We’re both girls but I want to marry her?
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