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When should you stop texting?


This is an experience for me and I would like to know if I have done things differently maybe I could have changed her mind.

I have been dating this girl for some time. She was usually initiating messaging, but she stopped texting and won't text if I dont text her anymore. She used to always accept meeting in person but suddenly starts saying excuses and never tells me to meet. I understand she started getting distant even while texting cause the normal flirting wasn't there even when I tried flirting she would sometimes avoid it or respond very cold like. I eventually initiated a discussion about what is going on and why she is being distant. She told me she was unsure about us and didn't know how she was feeling about the situation. We eventually both said to just move on and stay as friends. From then we haven't spoken again its been a week.

I was wondering if I kept casually texting her without much flirting and didn't talk about what was going on. Would I have changed her mind and would she have come back to the flirting meeting and texting normally?

Is it too late now to text her and have a casual discussion, to get her feel more relaxed with me? Would that make her eventually to get interested at something more than friends? Or should I totally accept the fact that we are moving on and never contact her again?

When should you stop texting?
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