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Is it too high-risk to ask out a class-mate?


so, my main problem with asking out a class-mate, is that I'm forced to see them on almost a daily basis, and if she rejects me, it will create a very awkward vibe in class for basically the rest of the year, not to mention, you already know she's gonna gossip about it with her friends, so I'll kinda be "that guy she rejected" whenever they look at me, it'll be the first thing that comes to their mind when they see my face, the whole situation is anxiety inducing in every way

i fkin hate that guys have to be the one to go through this shit xD

I think the vast majority of the girls will never ask out a guy, and thus don't know the absolute soul crushing feeling that follows a rejection, and to have to be reminded of that every day in class, kinda makes it too high-risk for me.

but maybe im just overthinking everything, I need fresh outside perspective on this whole thing, please elaborate on your answers

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Is it too high-risk to ask out a class-mate?
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