How long is too long for friends with benefits?

It’s been almost 2 1/2 years with mine (on and off) with the longest hiatus being 2 months. We’ve ended things twice, and this is our 3rd rodeo. I call us friends with benefits but we’re technically much more than that, but we do not consider ourselves a couple or in a relationship. Just casual.

We get along just fine. It’s just that we can only mess around for so long then we have to pull away from each other because things get intense and lines blur. He ended the 1st time but came right back. I ended it the 2nd time and told him I was falling hard and is being friends only would make this easier for all. A month later, we are back in each others arms and beds.

Can we keep this going long term? I failed to mentioned we are neighbors. So this kinda adds to the why it’s so hard to stay away from each other? I should also add that us being neighbors is his prime reasoning for not wanting to date me seriously/exclusively as this has come up before in our conversations.

So back to my question-can a friends with benefits be a long term arrangement? Or is someone bound to get hurt and this gets messy?

How long is too long for friends with benefits?
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