Why everyone is married and im not married help?

I’ll be 26 this year & feel sad. Everyone is living with Their boyfriend or husband same house, do errands together daily.& I have a boyfriend but I live alone. Do errands alone daily 24/7. I see all women anywhere with thier husband. All my family relatives step siblings are older than me and married. I’m the last youngest one and I think it’s not in my destiny marry. I wish I was married since 18. Since I was little all men I liked & pursued rejected me. This guy is the guy I love & know him many years. It’s not a guy I met yesterday & can dump him like nothing & date new guy tomrow. I never was able get 100 bfs or any guy I want. I’m not an attractive girl that’s thick like other girls that get any men they want.
I did marry when I was younger but that guy just used me we had no real relationship no romance , & it’s taking long to be divorced so I’m still stuck with his last name 😓

now he has a new girlfriend that’s super tall over 6ft like him & I’m tiny 4”11 & have boyfriend that’s short like me but honestly I think he’ll be a baby daddy & not a husband.
I won’t run away with a random new guy & dump this guy & get married. I don’t love a random guy I love the boyfriend I have & u can only marry if u love the guy.

so yea. It still sucks as all my step siblings fell in love with the first boyfriend they had & got married fast & that didn’t happen to me only to them. I didn’t have intamicy with boyfriend for one year after first date & I didn’t get married.

id be content living with boyfriend and have baby as that’s what a married couple would do.

Why everyone is married and im not married help?
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