Do I choose the man I can't get off my mind or the man that's a "perfect" fit for me?

Long story short, I am having trouble picking between two men that are both amazing but in very different ways. They are complete opposites and both having qualities I love. I met guy#1 several months ago and we both instantly felt an intense pull towards each other the moment we met. Our chemistry was out of this world. I had never felt that way about a man before. I was just drawn to him in every way possible. Unfortunately, I realized early on that we were not that compatible in terms of our lifestyle and personalities. He's very independent and career oriented where as I am extremely clingy and family oriented. He had also just gotten out of a relationship so he was not consistent or ready for anything serious and because of that, he ended things with me so I wouldn't waste time on him. Fast forward a few weeks, I met guy#2. This guy is everything I was looking for in a man. He is consistent, caring, emotionally available, clingy (just like me), and extremely family oriented and ready for something serious. The downside was that I did not feel that initial "out of this world" chemistry with him that I felt with guy#1 even though guy#2 is compatible with me in every way and everything I'm looking for in a partner. Guy#2 and I still have great chemistry, just not magical like it was with guy#1. Fast forward a few more weeks, guy#2 and I are getting pretty serious now and guy#1 suddenly enters my life again wanting a second chance. Time has gone by and he is now "ready" for more commitment. Who do I pick? The guy I can't stop thinking about but not sure I can see long term with or the guy that I can envision a stable future with but don't have intense chemistry with?
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Do I choose the man I can't get off my mind or the man that's a "perfect" fit for me?
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