Should I start dating again?

So I have been single since 2020. But the summer of 2021 I moved to Florida. I tried meeting guys and going on dates for over a year. Most of the time I wouldn't connect with a guy, with a few exceptions. Those connections would fizzle out quickly though. I kept dealing with terrible experiences from dating apps, and single events. Between those experiences I was disrespected, mostly uninterested, ghosted and gaslit. Because of those things, but mainly the last one I quit dating.

It has been over a month and most of my experience has been good, other than me being nervous to tell people about me quitting dating. I was so scared to tell people but when I did I felt better. Most reactions were sympathetic, but family and friends kept saying I will find someone. I doubt it at this point. Even though I live in a city II was struggling, but I feel most people where I live are already married (in my age group anyway).

I do have a slight temptation to try dating again but its just a temptation. Logically speaking I do not want to date after dealing with all the BS I had to. I know what I want in a guy but I feel like he is impossible to find/doesn't exist. Yet I have had the urge to try again.

I don't know if it is because I am going through a rough patch with my career or if it's because I know more people now who are getting married or are in relationships. As happy as I feel for them I just can't see myself being like them anymore. Yet I feel like I want to try again.

Based on my situation if you were me would you try again or just stay single?

Should I start dating again?
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