Guys, want to tell me why I have never been kissed? And never been on a date before?

Lol hi :)

Yes, I'm serious. I'm 17, Senior in high school. Never been kissed. And never been on a date. Not even a date to school dances. I went to those alone lol

You can read my about me and look at my pics on my profile if ya want.

Just curious what some of you guys have to say. I've been told I'm "intimidating." I you're thinking that...can you elaborate that for me?

Please and thank you :)

So, thanks to everyone who answered.

I'm thinking it's probably difficult for anyone to really pin-point this though because none of you know how I act in person lol. So my question might be invalid online.

I honestly don't believe that I'm "over confident" or "too outgoing" to the point where it's intimidating.

I'm barely ever shy or quite, but I also don't sit there and talk non-stop like some girls.

I also get that I'm not drop-dead gorgeous, and that I don't have this "dream girl" or "perfect" appearance, but I guess I just figured that by 17 and my Senior year in high school, with my personality and at least being decent in looks that I would've been kissed at least by one guy and asked out on at least one date lol.

Oh well, who knows. Maybe I'm just being saved for the right person.


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  • First, I wanna say that I love the guys who answer these questions by rating a girl's appearance AND leaving their names anonymous. Jeez, I looked at your profile when you quoted D:ckenson and you're far from ugly, in fact, you're really cute and have an awesome body.

    You're clearly intimidating, and it's because you're intelligent and deep. I know tons of guys who are scared of smart girls, and it's because they like to be in control. Don't let your confidence be affected by the opinions of guys who get off to putting girls down. If you haven't already, I know you'll meet the right guy.

    I'm sorry about the dances, that's rough. I'm astounded you've never been kissed or asked on a date, (at least 10 months ago) you may be intimidating, but anyone who reads D:ckenson knows insecurity pretty well, and confidence is always attractive.

    Just keep your chin up, know your beautiful, and stay out of that damn bog ;)

    • Thank you so much darling:) My situation is basically still the same. I'm 18 now and still no kiss or date. But I'm not too worried. I feel like it is just going to take college to find someone who can "handle" me and be confident enough to go for me. I still am not sure I'm all that intimidating, but it seems to be some popular thought. I just can't understand it haha

    • I think you're right on point. I actually think you're better off saving that first kiss, make it really special. A lot of the "kisses" I had with girls in high school were for the wrong reasons. As you may know, guys are under a lot of pressure to "climb the bases" as quickly as possible, and that's something I regret giving in to. I really wish you good luck with finding that guy, and hit me up if you're looking for some good reads.

    • Thank you:) I get that it is just a kiss being saved for someone special for me...but I hate waiting. I crave it and think about it a lot. And, I get physically lonely, not ever feeling intimacy with any guy before. I know it will happen someday, but I want it now lol. I am starting to get impatient, ya know? And yes hahaha you can be my book buddy! :P I am reading 3 books right now though lol

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  • If you can find a guy with balls as big as an elephant's, I guess you can find a guy. Most boys don't have a father that is an airline pilot. I once dated a Japanese girl who had only dated one guy in here entire life and she was 20 years old. Do you know why she had only had one guy? Her dad was the President of Intel computer corporation. He was a millionaire. I think he pretty much didn't allow her to date. Which is actually a good thing overall if you ask me. From your pictures, you seem super confident which would scare me. If you want to walk around like you are best ever, then you are going to have find a guy who is the best ever too. Those guys will be hard to find. If you want to lower yourself a few notches, you'll become more available to a large range of guys. You are the best. Right? You know you are good at volleyball and soccer and you are going to be an awesome pilot. Right? I have no problem with that and neither do other guys BUT do you have to always tell people how great you are? That can be annoying. Loosen up a little. You don't always have to be the best at everything. Let a guy feel good about himself. Sometimes being weak, is the strongest thing you can do. In the book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, feigning weakness actually can help defeat your enemy. That's kind of what you need to learn. Some women don't learn that until their late 30s. Don't be like them.

    • Thanks for the insight. Except, few people know that my Dad is a pilot and that that's what I want to be. Few guys around here know that...because, I don't go around "bragging." I simply have that stuff on here because it's an online about me. I'm actually very quite around the guys at my school, most of the time. I'm not always confident and I have many faults.

      How would I be intimidating to a guy that I just meet and who knows nothing about me? Explain that.

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    • I agree with this post...having a lot of confidence and a large ego can either be a turn off or just intimidating. Its kind of intimidating enough to go out on a limb and ask a girl out anyways.

      The only part I don't agree with is don't sacrifice who you are and "lower yourself a few notches" just to find a date...It would probably work admittedly, but it would attract people you may not be able to put up with...and its hard trying to make yourself be something you aren't

    • I honestly don't think I'm "over confident" or anything like that that would seem intimidating. And I know, I would never lower myself :)

  • I'm in pretty much the same boat but I'm 21 and a senior in college.

    I'm guessing you can be shy and quiet at times? From reading a lot of people in similar situations on this site it seems like this is the kiss of death for both genders. As a girl if you are shy it makes it seem like you are less approachable and less available and as a guy you'll never get anywhere if you don't do a little work yourself. I'd help but I think I'm the last person to give advice on this so all I can leave you with is my observation.

    • lol I swear, most of the time, I am the opposite of shy.

    • Haha I'm kind of tempted to ask this question myself! I have this problem but contrarily to you I can be, well, not shy per se, but quiet, as Dan observed, until I get to know you. Mostly just because I like to get a feel for someone's sense of humour before I start talking nonsense.

    • I can be shy sometimes...but I'm just usually not. Only time I will be too quite is if I'm having a bad day or upset about something specific going on at the time. But, at the same time...I'm not one of those extremely chatty/gossiping kind of girls that don't know how to ever shut up lol

  • Aw... They just don't get to know you. =P I would be tempted, but you live kinda far away and I've got my girl. XD

  • when someone says intimidating I'm guessing it means your to pretty and they are scared of rejection, anyways, I have never had a date either.

    • Guys are so ignorant if they think I'm "too pretty" and would reject them all. Not sure I believe this whole "intimidating" crap lol

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    • A really good way to practice is to flirt with low expectations of success, and then it turns into kind of a game, then if you do get rejected, oh well, but if you don't shweet! =P

    • Eli. Just...Eli. Stay away from my questions you goof ;P

  • cause you beat people up ;p

  • Intimidating...maybe not...


    Being too outgoing would scare a guy off.

    • Threatening? Really? That sounds...harsh. I really don't think I'm very threatening lol. I'm not overboard outgoing around guys.

  • I can fix your problem.

  • I'm going to be totally honest and blunt here and I'm going to get a lot of hate for this. I know for a fact I will because the answer I'm going to give you reminds me a lot of something Evangelina might say and get hated on, but here goes...

    You're not pretty enough to be able to stand out based on looks alone. That's not to say you're not pretty, because you are. It's just not to the degree needed to be able to stand out in a room full of other girls and get guys to notice you. Kinda plain actually, but that's not a bad thing really.

    You have two options:

    1. Approach guys, don't wait to be approached

    2. Find a way to physically project your (awesome, I'm sure) personality while in public. There are a lot of guys who go for girls like you. They're just not the type who typically can get up the nerve to approach a girl out of the blue.

    Hope I helped, and hope I don't get all sorts of negative feedback.

    • Oh hey, it's all good. I'm aware I'm not drop-dead gorgeous appearance wise. But, I can't change that. At the same time, I'm confident with how I look. I appreciate your honesty. I already knew that though :P

      I've tried approaching guys...and I honestly think that a lot of the time they don't want to give me a chance because I'm not this gorgeous dream girl of theirs.

      I think a lot of guys at my school are immature jerks. lol. But I guess that's high school... there's very few decent guys.

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    • guys won't respect a girl who asks them out? speak for yourself. personally I feel that I can't respect someone who makes me do all the work. I expect to be met 50/50 at the very least. I don't want to feel like I'm carrying some worthless bag of bones, which is how I end up feeling when I find myself doing everything in the beginning, from the asking, to the initiating contact, etc.

    • I don't think it's a bad thing for a girl to ask the guy out every once in a while.

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  • I wouldn't worry about it at all. Guys didn't like me in school either but, now I have a very nice selection. Think about it this way, all the girls that are popular with guys now will be all used and dried up early and you'll have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy. 5 years of desirability versus 20+. You do the math. :)

    • I know, I know. Just was hoping for a little bit of fun in high school lol

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