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My friend is falling for me. NEED ADVICE ASAP?

As of recently I have met a new friend, let’s name him Z, we met a little over a month ago and have been inseparable ever since. We met via the internet and are yet to meet in person. We stay up practically every night talking until late into the night with each other and nothing feels off limits and we both feel like we can be open and talk about anything.

Problem is, last night he said ‘I’m falling in love with an internet girl, this can’t be happening’ referencing me. Problem is, we live 500 miles away and I wouldn’t say I’m open to date or ever considering a long distance relationship, due to trying before and it not going as expected.

I really enjoy our conversations and I don’t want them to stop, I love the way we are but I’m afraid one of us will end up getting hurt from this situation.

He has also said he isn’t interested in a long distance relationship either, I have made it clear about not being open to it but with remarks like that I feel like it’s escalating pretty quickly.

Any advice on what I should do?
My friend is falling for me. NEED ADVICE ASAP?
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