Why does this girl text me random things?

So this girl & I texted for like 10 hours last Friday. It wasn't every minute but it started in the early afternoon & the last text was at midnight. So an actual conversation. But then I don't hear anything form her for 5 days & when I do its a text about a song I should check out. I respond after I check it out saying it was good. Then she waits for like an hour & sends a Pandora Radio station I should listen to. I tell her "i can't listen to that" hoping to set up a joke relavent to the band but she doesn't text back at all. Very confusing to me. Especially since my text should have been confusing to her, so I figured she'd say "what?" or "Huh?" or something. But I didn't get anything. So I wonder why text me?

Then the next day I text her & that goes for a few texts. Then yesterday she sends me an email at work cc'ing a coworker about what my middle initial stood for. This was playful and went for several emails. She also texts me during this time saying its "makers Friday," referring to the previous week when we both were drinking bourbon. That was the night were we texted for 10 hrs. So this starts a texting conversation. This goes solid for a couple of hours and then starts to get sparse once we both are off work. So she takes a while to respond and it basically dies. Then an hour and half after my last text she sends one asking "Are you at home?" I responded "not currently" since I was out with some friends. I got no response. I do not understand the initiating of conversation & then no follow through on the conversation. I also have no idea why she was asking if I was home.

It's like she needs to keep a strand of contact with me but has nothing to say sometimes. The conversations seem hardly to go into personal matters either. I mean sometimes I think we are like junior high kids where we just keep teasing and being funny instead of saying "how are you doing?"

To give you some background, this girl & I had a fling, hit it off great but she was moving when we got together. We stayed in touch but never talked about what had happened with us. Then I went to visit her 3 months after her move. The attraction was still there. For 4 days we acted like a couple. Then when I asked about us she said she wouldn't do distance. She had been hurt before & wouldn't do it. I didn't try to pressure her but I was hurt. Stayed in touch but when she blew me off when she was home for Thanksgiving I confronted her. She again said "we can only be friends because I'm there & you are here." Ouch. I stopped talking to her after that. Then a month later I get an Xmas card from her. It contains "I know we've kept quiet but you've been on my mind." WTF? I sent a card back. Very brief. I then didn't hear anything. Then about a month ago I decided to call her. She answered & the conversation was surprisingly not weird. It was very comfortable again. Since then she's been texting me & emailing me again. Sometimes I initiate but I try not to. She only texts. No calls
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So she has texted & emailed me since last update. I finally decided to call her last night. We talked for 2 hrs. I guess that is a positive that we can talk that long but I don't come away sure she has feelings for me. There are a lot of laughs & semi serious topics discussed but I think I need to be more strategic as a listener. There was a point where she mentioned how work was really frustrating a couple of weeks ago & she contemplated quitting & moving home. I should have asked more about it.
Why does this girl text me random things?
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