My boyfriend still hasn't kissed me :(

Hey everyone, well I guess I'll just get right into the details.. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 5 months! Weeoo! It's been great but he still hasn't kissed me :( I really want him to kiss me! And he knows that.. I know you guys are probably thinking why don't you kiss him but I don't know I'm just to shy to make a big move like that! He has told me that one time when we were hanging out he was going to kiss me bu then he told me that he was moving away :'( so I'm kinda rambling now aren't I ha ha well why do you think he is taking so long to kiss me? Also what are some ways to make him get the hint that I want him to kiss me? Any answers would be a really big help! Thanks :)
My boyfriend still hasn't kissed me :(
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