If a guy takes a long time to answer texts..is he not interested? What is going on here?

if a guy takes forever to respond (5hrs+), should I assume he's just not interested? He would text quicker if he was interested right?!?!


me:so I was thinking about the last time we hung out, was I missing something or were you trying to get to know me...sometimes I'm nots that observant haha

him (6hrs later): just trying to have a good time...got the sense you were too-did you have fun?

me(12hrs later): I had a really great time...until you left and everyone started giving me a hard time about not walking with you to your car ha ha What about you?

him (8hrs later): hey sorry phone died! Your going to listen to people who took us from a good bar scene to go eat chocolate? yea I had fun

me (1hr later): hey now I found a good bar next door to the chocolate but yea it was hard not to listen when they all decided to gain up and made me feel bad

I Haven't heard anything from him yet.

What is going on with this convo...this kid is so hard to read!


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  • He might not check his phone often or he might just not be interested or he might be reciprocating your text "game." Try answering him right after he texts you that way you know he is still by his phone. If he takes a long time after that than he is most likely not interested. I'd rather text too, but I know a few people that are like him so I just call them instead and it makes everything so mush simpler.


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  • just ask him. not everyone has their whole life wrapped up in their phone. Some people have jobs, hobbies, school, maybe even a life. Just ask him instead of all the over thinking it. OK?

  • stop assuming things and just ask him how come it takes him so long to respond!

  • depends on what the reason was if his phone dies every time you text him then he's prob not interested and if he wasn't interested he would put you on the block list and not text back


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