Men, what is a good way to teach my boyfriend a lesson?

He was supposed to spend the night with me yesterday but changed it to today because he and his cousin went to Vegas after work. When I called and asked if he made it home safe around three he said he wasn't leaving till 7 because he bet on some games that wasn't over till then. He called earlier saying that he would that he would be home with me tonight and couldn't wait. It takes 5 hrs to get from Vegas to where he lives and he wasn't even going to tell me he wouldn't make it over to me unless I asked. He said sorry and that he didn't think about it. It was pretty fxck'd up for him not to consider me and how that feels. I wasn't upset that he went or changed days but I got mad at everything as a whole when he just disregarded our plans. I wanna get him back or just do something that we'll make him not do that again.



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  • Get some really sexy lingerie. Invite him over. Wear only the lingerie. Don't let him touch you. Start touching yourself. Tell him that you decided to change the plans and he can leave now. :)

    • AAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! beautiful! Yes! omg that's it LoL Y didn't my silly butt think of that haha. Thanks girl!

    • No problem :)

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  • You want to teach him a lesson? - "get him back or just do something that will make him not do that again"-, what do you expect him to do or how do you expect him to feel even if you DO actually accomplish this. Sorry to sounds a little straight forward, and please don't take this as me being rude but, that is sort of childish, really. Though I am not just going to say there aren't some fault on his side for recklessly abandoning you guys' plan, but really what is with this whole "revenge" "get him back" mentality about?. Jeez, had he done this purposely, then I would say letting him know that what he did was wrong and he has to make it up to you and standing up for yourself instead of expecting him to know how "fxck'd up it was" and how you feel would be the right things. Now if he never did this purposely,STILL let him know and tell him straight up... why hold a silly grudge and try to 'get him back", what the hell?.

    Yes males can be very irritating in the sense that they aren't that good when it comes to understanding others or looking a things from other point of view by being too reckless, (though he's your boyfriend, you probably know him better than anyone) I still think talking to him about this is best, not sitting down and making things serious, but just letting him know straight up that he was wrong for being inconsiderate. You never know, he might actually be feeling guilty and probably already knows what he did was wrong and how you are feeling. What good do you expect "getting back at him" to do for you, really. Just think about it.

    So just talk to him and be straight forward and let your feelings be known and understood. That's what I think you should do, not get back at him and teach him a lesson. Sigh.

    • Its like this. When you tell a child not to play with fire because they will get burned several times they end up doing it anyway and keep on because they haven't gotten burned. I see what everyone is saying but we have sat down and talked many times. I'm tired of talking about the same shxt, so I figured if he feel it himself he will stop. My dad always say'd I could continue to tell you but sometimes until you expedience things for yourself is when you learn and it sinks in. I think that's what he

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    • Awww thanks! I do try my best. I just need the next method to be effective in getting through to him. Thank you for all the suggestions and advice tho

    • Yeah we do have quite some time in

  • Don't go around playing the "eye for an eye" game.

    That's just like if someone cheats on you, and forgive them, then months later you cheat and say.

    "What? You did it too!"

    Don't start, no one will win.

    In fact, if you do happen to do something to get at him to make your point, it'll probably cause him to get back to you again with the same problem in the first place.

    • Ohkay that's good for what I shouldn't do but what Should I do. Don't say break up because I'm not doing that. its only to stop that from becoming a permanent habit.

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    • Nooo problem.

      I have no idea why I posted on the other guys answer though haha.

      Wasn't paying attention.

    • its coo LoL!

  • I suggest you have an affair. This approach will be most effective if you have an affair with an old guy (56 years old would be best), and if possible, one wearing a red shirt. It would also be better if he lives in Florida. ; - )

  • You do the same thing!And if he says something tell him 'WE'R EVEN NOW'!:D

    • Lol!

    • People seem to hate your idea but I think its good I just won't do the "We're Even Now" words haha

  • Just tell him your disappointed, no need to play retarded games. Just tell him, be a good communicator

    • We are beyond communication. I guess I should update the question saying that We've discussed and been through stf like this a few times

  • You're not his mother. You sound immature!

  • Break up with him. I'm sure that'll get him really mad.

    or better yet, show him this question, and he'll be even more mad! Then, you won't even have to break up with him! He'll break up with you and you can then tell your friends how he cheated on you with two strippers from Vegas, and what an @-hole he is, and how he caught an STD, and how you're so hurt and what a victim you are in this whole thing.

    Besides, I'm sure there are plenty of men out there that are just dying to be with someone those super duper positive personality traits.

    • oh gosh I'm not trynna do all of that. Lol I could never do some shxt like that hahaha but just something that will teach him a lesson and make him think not to do it again

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    • Well, either break up with him, or you deal with his sh*t. What's the POINT of making him mad at you? If he doesn't LISTEN to you in the first place, do you really think you're going to CHANGE him? Snap out of that fantasy. That's why, if he's like that, the only thing you CAN do is to leave.

    • I didn't even c your last comment but I just think he needs a nudge in the right direction before I decide to give up on someone I love and care abt. Its easier said than done. Once you fall for someone that find hard to let go of you will see that. I understand he's human and sometimes people don't learn until they themselves feel it to know how important it is. No fantasy.

  • dont go about this with a "get back at him" mentality, nothing good will come of it. if you don't want him to do it again, talk to him and make it clear that you didn't like it (there's no reason you can't explain your anger at his actions). but if you try to get him back, he'll pick up on that and it'll make the situation a million times worse

    • oooh he already knows he's in the dog house because it isn't his first time. I think him knowing how it feels will set him str8 but I do see your side...

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    • *though

    • Yeaup and thanks! I think imma do what kartoos says and do the same thing. That's the only way imagine he'll straighten up. That's not truly damaging but it will in my opinion give him a nudge that he needs

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