How long should a lunch date last, and what to wear?

I'm thinking of asking a girl out for lunch, but I'm not sure for what's in store. So how long should lunch be to get to know her well. Also, do I need to dress up a bit, or just dress normal?


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  • 90 minutes MAX..and be the best dressed guy in the place. You don't want to learn everything about her in one date..nor do you want her to learn everything about you...end the date with her wanting more...Let her talk 75% of the time. Keep the conversation light and deep negative subjects.. Don't talk about yourself...unless she asks you a question, and then..don't go into detail. Look into her eyes when talking and listening to her. Only compliment her twice.

    • Sounds about right. Great advice for others and myself.

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  • Don't overthink it; it doesn't need to be a complicated event. It's just having lunch together. ;P Dress normal, and just have it last however long you want to. If you need to be somewhere or you're running out of things to talk about, go ahead and cut the date short. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy lunch. :)


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