If a girl asks who you are going to prom with, does that mean she wants to go with you?

I wanna know if I should ask her, she asked who if I'm going to prom with anyone

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this is ridiculous, why does everyone say maybe? just put yourself in the same situation, would YOU ever ask someone who they were going to prom with if you had no intentions of asking them yourself?


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    If you like her / want to go to prom with her, ASK HER TO PROM.

    If you don't like her / want to go to prom with her, DON'T ASK HER TO PROM.

    Don't waste your time wondering how she feels.


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  • It depends on the situation, but it's possible.

    • why does it depend

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    • i guess to me the thought of asking someone who they are going to prom with obviously means they have intentions of going with you, but I guess I'm wrong

    • With this kind of thing, there is NEVER one "true" answer. Unfortunately, we can't always know how others feel or what they're thinking. It would be convenient, but none of us have that power. There are many reasons why a person can choose to do or say something- that's reality. If we could read minds, nobody would ever have to risk rejection, but we all know it doesn't work that way.

  • Not necessarily. It really depends on the situation. She may just want a date. Or she may have just wanted to go with you and didn't want to wait for someone else to ask, or for you to ask someone else.

  • Possibly! Ask, that is the only way you will find out. The worst she can say is no.

    If she says yes, then you may have a great time at prom this year!

  • Maybe, if you want to go with her, ask her...and soon.

    • Ok, if I were her, I probably would be fishing for a date. That's probably the #1 reason to ask a guy. But we say "maybe" because we don't know for sure, and do not want to lead you astray.

  • Not always...

    Could just be curiosity

    • @update, sure I would. If I want to know who someone is going with I'm going to ask whether I want to go with them or not. If I'm curious.

What Guys Said 1

  • It's a possibility, but it's not necessarily set in stone. It could just be pure curiosity. I had girls who already had dates asking me who I was going with.

    • she doesn't have a date though

    • Like what the other answerer said, that and other details you've mentioned improve the chance that she wants to go with you. If you want to go with her, I'd say go for it. The odds seem to be in your favor.

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