Why Do Guys Overlook Me?

I've been thinking about this for a a while and it seems as through my public school and college years, guys have overlooked me! I never did date in high school and since then (By the time I was 19) I've only dated two guys. I can't understand why more of them never took notice of me.

Call me old fashion but I've always been the "guys should do the approaching" kind of person. I get shy, and antsy around an attractive guy or around a crush.

I'm not bad looking, I dress nicely, I'm take care of myself I'm smart, and I have wide range of interests. How can I be that girl that all the guys want to talk to?


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  • Find one you like, and inquire about his interests. Pick a topic that also interests you. Do stuff with him. Let him feel like you're his sidekick. If he's worth his salt, he'll respect you and not try to take advantage of the arrangement.

    From there, open up with him about what first drew you to him. Let him know your real motive; even if it wasn't the topic you used to get his attention. Admit you only brought the topic up because it was something you both liked; and you weren't sure how else to get his attention.

    From there, discover what his beliefs are. Check for compatibility with your own. And if they're compatible, proceed with him more, and safer. Break out of your comfort zone. And day three, grab his fingers and hold them between your index finger and thumb, massaging them as you stare into his eyes with a "take me" look on your face. He'll now feel obligated to make you happy somehow.

    Get involved with his family, and try to win their approval. Just don't try too hard. Encourage him to do the same with yours. Avoid sex, especially in this early stage. All that will do is antagonize the families.

    After seven months, start asking him what he'd do with a family life. Share each others' home and child-raising fantasies. If he's really into you, he'll be serious about pursuing that. Otherwise, he'll run scared and you'll be rid of him. Good riddance.

    Disclaimer: I've told you how to seduce me into a relationship. Some men are a-holes and are immune to these tactics. You'll do well to distinguish which men are like me and which men are a-holes. Otherwise, the latter will ruin your life and destroy your confidence.


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  • stop trying so hard

    maybe that will help you

  • Guys are visual creatures. Looks will get him to notice you.

    chances are, they already do notice you if you dress nicely. Guys will rarely do a cold approach (too scary). Put yourself in proximity with them.


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