She's constantly changing her mind.

me and my ex girlfriend talked over the phone and agreed to meet up at her house. at first she was all exited and was hinting that she wanted me back and possibly to hook up. after a while she started expressing her fears such as what will happen when I get there and whether it would be too much for me because she feels guilty for making me go so far for her even though its not too much. then the day before we are supposed to meet up, she says not to come.

should I come anyway or would it be better to not show up and wait for another day

btw she is leaving for a month and I mite not see her for a while.


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  • shes not done thinking yet, she probably doesn't know what she really wants.

    sure, you could wait for her to make a decision

    but here's a thought you might not have considered: you don't have to wait around for her to figure out what she really wants. You make the decision yourself. If you really like her and want to get back together with her, by all means go see her and express how you feel to her. Or if you realize you don't really have any interest in getting back together with her, don't waste your time waiting for her. (make sure you tell her though, don't just ignore her)

    so basically, how do you feel? what do you want to do?

    its in your hands too, not just hers

    i apologize for girls being so confusing most of the time :P



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  • Okay, honey. Take a moment. Look at the situation.

    This girl is an emotional roller coaster, and obviously needs time to figure out her own issues. I think that you need to cut it off permanently so she has time to deal with herself, and you can develop a relationship with a girl who is more stable.

    Now if she said don't come, she may not be there, unless it is her house or something.

    I suggest just don't show up, but tell her in text.

    Good lucky sweety!

  • I'm a girl and I even want to shake her and scream make up your damn mind. But if she's leaving in a month and being all scared and whatever and you tried to come over...Just do your business...You tried ..She acted crazy .. (shrugs) if you try to come to her house for a surprise..Things might get worse..So it's better just to do you..And wait or move on


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  • My girlfriend changes her mind a lot and it pisses me off. She'll say..."Let's go grocery shopping." So I get ready to go and then when I'm all ready, she says she doesn't feel like going, she wants to watch some show on TV or something. At first when we just started dating, it didn't bother me, but now it's really starting to piss me off.

  • shes a woman

    what do you expect?