I'm not ready for a RELATIONSHIP and neither is she, but we like each other. Where do we go from here?

There's this girl, see... I know she has an interest in me because of the way we interact. (kisses, holding hands, etc.) She's introducing me to her family at every opportunity, heck, I just spent the night drinking and hanging out with her dad. (she was amazed at my level of comfort!)

I'm not ready to rush into a relationship due to my hectic lifestyle, but I want to see her more. She's not ready because of things that she needs to do to improve HER, but she agrees that more time needs to be spent together.

There just happens to be that one speed bump: other people and drama. Coming from both sides. We spent the night at the local beach and had a deep (albeit slightly buzzed) conversation about the drama and came to the conclusion that we should put it (the drama) aside and just focus on our time together.

She wants to meet what I call my "ride-or-die" best friend. Is this a wise choice? How do I go about not being needy and/or clingy?


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  • Well Mr. tunejunkie86, I guess if neither of you are ready for a relationship, than you continue being friends. I don't think it's smart to continue the kissing and holding hands because then things may get complex if either of you get interested in another person. Someone will most likely feel played. I personally just don't think it's very smart to encourage relationship behavior among people who are adamant about not having a true relationship. Always seems to complicate things and I've seen so many people get hurt from doing that.

    I don't think it's smart for you to give her that title because deep down, you still have feelings for her. If she meets another guy, you're going to feel like sh*t. It will probably make you one of those bitter guys with trust issues.

    • Oh no, no. SHE doesn't want to be my "ride-or-die" she wants to MEET my "ride-or-die." I may be over analyzing it (like guys have the tendency to do.)

  • Just hang out, take it easy and see what happens.


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