When a guy says he’s not ready for a relationship rn do you still stick around?

He was so ready to jump into a relationship no questions, even after I told him I wasn't EVEN READY FOR ONE. Everything for the past month was like a fairytale he was like the perfect guy I was praying and manifesting for a long time.. he use to always beg me not to hurt him or play him & if it’s not what I want leave before it gets deeper because he’s beginning to “fall in love more and more everyday”
Everything went down hill every since this One night I went partying with some girlfriends of mine and my phone died so i didn’t see his text..
next morning I texted him told him what happen & he never replied (it was odd because he always call or text back fast no matter what) hours went by I texted again and asked why was he ignoring me.. as the days go by after that it wasn’t the same anymore.. he texted back late. Mood changed, started lying a lot.. and we finally sat down and addressed the issue.. he said he really want me in his life but he’s not ready to be committed yet... by the way our conversation went he’s tryna explain that even tho he don’t want a relationship he don’t want to loose me.. I told him it’s no alternative, you can’t have me and give out nothing in return. So I told him it’s best to go our separate ways so neither of us would get hurt.. I see he be trying everything to keep in contact and I don’t know if I should stick around and just take it slow until he’s ready like he said or just move on. I want to stick around because I really like him. But then again I’m scared the “taking it slow” stage is never going to go anywhere
When a guy says he’s not ready for a relationship rn do you still stick around?
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