Why is this guy I like treating me like trash?

I am just very hurt because a guy I liked treats me like a trash or cheap whore something..

He disrespects me and absolutely dose not care about me.

He did not ask to have dinner just used me as a booty call.

this guy I met at the club.

Is this why He assume I am a easy slut, or just think I am not worth to date.

I need 100% honest answer , please.

we didn't make love..


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  • I have a better question...

    Why do you like this guy who is treating you like trash?

    Are you serious? Did you even read your own question? First off, you have to respect yourself before a guy respects you. Hopping into bed with a guy you met in a club is not respecting yourself. Did you honestly think something good would come of that? And you wonder why he's treating you like a cheap whore?

    Lets assume you do respect yourself. You are a fine example of what confuses me about girls. Girls like these guys who are complete animals, who treat you like trash, who disrespect you, who abuse you, and you chase them like theyre God's gift to you. Meanwhile, you have the good guys in the "friend zone" wondering when the girls are gonna wake up and look into the direction of a guy who would treat her like the princess she is. Maybe you can explain it to me since you seem to like this moron over a guy who would at least treat you like a human being.

    Whats even more amusing is that after chasing and being with these guys who treat you like trash, you complain about it, as if you're stuck with them for life. As if you can't go find somebody decent.

    I know I am being harsh, but you wanted complete truth and that's what I gave you. I'm sorry for being offensive, but its something you need to hear. Learn to respect yourself, and then you can earn the respect of guys.

    My suggestion to you is forget about this guy and start fresh. If you want a good guy, stop sleeping around and look till you find one. We're more common than you think.


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  • If you want the truth, you give it up to easy. You have to show respect for yourself in order for others to respect you, especially guys. You need to make yourself a little more unavailable and look for men who are naturally respectful of your needs. This relationship has no future because the guy is already a jerk and he will not be able to change how he views you even if you change your behavior, he has already decided who and what you are to him.

  • You met him at a club. You gave it up easy. What more needs to be said? You were played, but you allowed yourself to do so. Next time, you want a decent guy, stay out of the clubs and bars.

    • Wait a minute, you were a booty call, but you didn't have sex? I'm confused.

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  • Oh, well you said he just used you as a booty call. A booty call is sex.

    Anyway, if he's not willing to put forth the effort to be really with you as a girlfriend then walk away. Don't bother putting any more energy into thinking about him. He can only keep treating you like trash if you keep spending time with him.

    • And BTW, a booty call is also NOT making love. You both have to love each other dearly for it to be truly making love. With no genuine love from either party, then it's just sex.

  • He doesn't respect you because giving him a booty call is you not respecting yourself.

    Guys respect women who respect themselves. Having sex without being in a full blown, loving, committed relationship is giving him a free pass to your p*ssy. That thing is TOOOOOO valuable to give away freely or cheaply. Make him earn it!

    (This is a lesson I had to learn the HARD, PAINFUL, HEARTBREAKING way.)

  • I've learned this lesson the hard way myself. Make him work for that. A guy won't work for shot if you let him have it too easily. And yea lots of guys at the club tend to be looking for only one thing. So just next time make sure you know the guy wants to be in a committed relationship with you and is really into you before you sleep with him.

    • Normally when someone says they were made into a booty call it's because the guy only hits you up to have sex. So most people will assume you slept with him. Unless it could be he's calling you trying to have sex with you but the way you worded it made it seem like you already did it. Regardless, forget his loser ass and move on to greener pastures.

  • Treating someone like trast because either he is a crazy trash or that "someone" presents herself as trash.

  • If he is acting like that why do you like him? Stop talking to him and find a good guy that you deserve! <3 You have to respect yourself cause you deserve the best. Forget this guy because he is just another stupid guy who is using you. Go out and find a nice gentleman because you deserve to be happy and you deserve to be with someone who will respect you and love you! Good luck :)