When a guys says he wants to give it a go?

When a guy says he wants to give it a go and we are both not seeing other people is that a good thing?

Would he still be actively looking to date other girls if h wanted to give us a go?

Just confused by this statement. Other then that. Things between us are great. Even he says he has a ball with me.

Yes we have slept together as well and have been dating for a bit over a month.
We do that as well as date and go out in public. He pays for everything as well. Not to mention he initiates practically most texts and all phone calls.


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  • Sounds like an understatement used in lieu of a straight answer. He thinks answering personal questions directly is a bit corny, so he say things like that.

    • So would be be trying to pursue just me then? Would that have been what he meant regardless?

    • My guess is that he was saying "Yes, we are now going steady. We are an item. We are exclusive." but trying not to be so obvious.

  • Yes, him saying that is a good thing for the relationship.


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