Why is wanting to improve my dating life unethical!?

my story: learning to improve my social skills, conversational skills, self-esteem and confidence while enjoying connecting with strangers.

my sources of information: Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, ph.d., Dr. Edward Dryfus ph.d. , Acacia Parks, ph.d., etc. (all experts having dove into the realm of dating or mental health and giving advice based on research)

my problem: why is it that despite the fact that practitioners dispense advice and help on dating in light of their research, and still, dating advice is still regarded as strangely demeaning and unethical in the media and amongst very narrow minded individuals! just Bloody weird! I take my advice from books and people who did a lot of researcher; mental health practitioners genuinely interested on helping others and still, I'm regarded as the unethical jerk! WTF! I'm not even into the PUA stuff it"s bullsh*t! so why are my actions getting hell in collective thinking regardless of the fact I'm getting advice from decent, genuine practitioners who did their homework? I'm not a jerk! I'm not a bad-boy (despite my many piercings) and I've gotten more pleasure out of wanting to simply converse with a woman in a coffee shop (amazing fun actually!) than wanting to jump in the sack with her. last time I jumped in the sack with a friend, I was sad; didn't fit my emotional aspirations.

my hypothesis: I think that people get pissed at me for wanting to change my dating life because I don't fit the player douche bag stereotype. It's the same when racists get pissed when a black woman get's a job as an executive; it's because it doesn't fit the stereotype!

wake up people!

ideas are welcomed...


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  • One thing I would like to mention is you mention these doctors as sources but, did you talk to them face to face on his problem you are having? The second is there are tons of forms of ethics out there so I am just taking a stab in the dark here that you may be confused at the different types? If you are working with someone it would be unethical to ask them out, If they are a client it would be unethical, other wise I say go for it. There is nothing wrong with talking with chatting up that girl at the coffee shop, she may be the one for you. :)

    • I corresponded with them via email. and I`m not sure which problem you're actually talking about.

    • I am saying that ethics is a broad branch of philosophy that covers many fields. I am guessing you are just having a moral dilemma and if that is the case, sometimes having someone else telling you something confusing is harder than following simple reason.

  • Who is saying its unethical? I don't even see the connection..

    its not the same as when racists get pissed when a black woman get's a job as an executive. There are heaps of black people with high paying jobs, its the future!


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