Girl says she had fun on date. Ignores me texts afterwards.

So went on a date with someone I met online. We both had fun. There was a lot of playful flirting throughout the date. On numerous occasions she said to me 'I'm having so much fun' and 'you're really cool'.

During the end of the date she added me on Facebook on her phone and made me promise to accept the request when I got home.

As we departed I tried to get eye contact to go in for a kiss but the situation wasn't really right and we just hugged and kissed on the cheek. I asked her to text me when she got home safe. She text me as soon as she got in saying 'thank you so much for tonight I had so much fun' so I replied saying I did too and we'll do it again soon. She replied again saying definitely yes and thanked me again for a great time.

I don't want to seem too eager so I don't contact her for a few days and then I sent her a text picking up where we left off (I can't call her becuase my phone is broke and doesn't make outbound calls which she knows). She doesn't reply. A few days later I see her on Facebook chat so said hi and once again she doesn't reply.

Why do girls do this? If I had no intention of seeing my date again I wouldn't say 'I had such a fun time' nor would I add them on Facebook. It's just so confusing. Any insight to why girls do this much appreciated :)


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  • Thats why you shouldn't date people from online. You need to find someone that doeant use online to get a out of the house free ticket..just sayin


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