Never heard back after great first date, why?

I met this girl online and we really hit it off. We spent the week texting and talking and planned to meet for a date over the weekend. We went out for coffee and we talked for hours. So much that we lost track of time and the coffee house closed and they locked up as we were leaving. I thought things went great. She hugged and kissed me on the cheek when we left. I thought that was a good sign that things went well plus a lot of what we talked about def made it seem like we hit it off and were into each other. I texted her later on that night just saying how I had a great time and hoped she did too and that we should met up again soon. So far its been several days since then and not one word from her. I'm not one of those to send a million texts so I Haven't sent another one since the text after our date. So why after a date that went so well do I not hear from her again? She even said as we were hugging goodbye we should hang out again and that's when she kissed me on my cheek and smiled as she left. I'm kind of confused as I Haven't lost track of time with a nice girl in a long long time. So what would cause her to go from being into me want to see me again to never hear from her?


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  • To be honest, she probably enjoyed the conversation as a friend and had a good time talking because of that, but wasn't feeling the chemistry/attraction. Guys are more likely to blow off the whole date if there's no attraction, and not try for the conversation at all. Girls will have good conversation with you even if she's already decided she wouldn't want to date you. We think that, just because we don't want you as a boyfriend doesn't mean you wouldn't make a good friend, or at least polite conversation for one night.


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  • Don't give up yet. She might just not have felt the need to text you back after the date. Since you didn't send any other texts since then, she very well could have wanted to text you but is second-guessing herself like you are.

    Text her! :)

    • She very well could be waiting for me to text. But why not text saying she had a good time. She was all excited to meet me and our date was very positive. So why the cold shoulder? I know she has been out with her friends but I'm not the guy to annoy one when they don't respond.

    • I really couldn't tell you...Idk what's going through her head. She should have responded with a simple, "me too!" when you texted her after the date, but I can't tell you why she didn't.

  • Send her one more text asking her on another date. She could just be waiting for you. Maybe she lost the other text. What have you got to lose from asking one more time?


    • That was my plan. Text her Thursday about the weekend. If I don't get a response then it was just a great afternoon having a conversation with someone lovely.

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