I texted him too much how do I fix this?

Okay well I started seeing this guy. We have spent the night together multiple times. Things have been going great but we are not official yet until I meet his parents which I am suppose to soon. But anyways a couple days ago which was Thursday is the last day that we talked and I do think that I did text him too much and that is probably why he is not talking to me. I was having bad anxiety the past couple days and I shouldn't of freaked out and texted him so much. I wish that I didn't. I do not know what to do about it? He has not talked to me yet. And I also did call him a couple of times and left voice mails saying how sorry I am. I know it all sounds completely crazy, I admit it s crazy what I did and I hate myself for the way that I acted. Everything was going great and now I feel like I ruined it. How do I fix this? Is there anything that I can do or say? I feel horrible about it and I wish that I could take it back but I can't. Do you think that if he really does like me and care he will eventually talk to me?


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  • Yes! Our minds always wander to the worse case scenario. You don't really know why he hasn't replied, and you need to stay positive and not let it ruin your day. Don't apologize over and over in fact don't text again till you hear from him. Be patient!

    • Ya, that's what everyone keeps telling me. Do not send any messages or try to contact him anymore. I need to wait for him to get ahold of me. That is what I am going to do and hope that he does say something to me at some point. ITs hard to not try to contact him but I wont.

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