Have I just been extremely unlucky with girls?

I'm 25 year old that never had a girlfriend, never hooked up, no kiss nor sex with one or anything. That's fine and all but I just don't see why I haven't had one girl ever liking me. I don't think I'm really ugly or anything, I think I'm okay or average looks wise. Not good looking but not hideous either. Personality wise I get along with everyone. I don't have problem making friends and I'm not socially awkward like most guys with girl problems, especially the ones on GAG happen to have. I have some friends that are players who I hang out with so it's not like I'm a boring guy because I know how to have fun when I go out. I've been told many times I'm a funny guy too. I'm athletically fit and I go to the gym as much as I can, even though I still am and look quite skinny.

Anyways I'm not really picky in girls. At least I don't think I am. I just want her to be either Indian/Pakistani girl ethnically like me and not really overweight since I strongly believe in eating healthy and staying fit. In High School, there weren't many Indian girls but still quite a few but none of them happened to be interested in me. They only went out with white guys instead. Never really had any homecoming or prom dates even though I was never the "loser" guy in High School. I actually had a reputation as one of the funnier guys in the school and no matter how popular the guys were, they enjoyed my presence and didn't mind chilling with me. After High School I went to India for few years to study and there it was impossible for me to get a girl. Most girls there who date tend to stick to bfs from their HS. Also there many believe in a caste system and my last name happens to give out the info that I'm of a complete low caste which a lot of girls don't like. Personally, I don't believe in castes and neither it is believed in my religious even though I'm not a really religious guy. Plus a lot of girls, whether she is brown skinned like me, light skinned or dark skinned mainly prefer Indian guys to be really light skinned who could pass off as either Middle Eastern, Greek, or Italian. Now I've been in Beijing for past few years and here there aren't that many Indian girls but still quite a few. They all happen to be taken though. So yeah, I don't get what's wrong with my luck when it comes to girls. Why am I so unlucky like this?
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And how do I increase my luck and chances with girls? I seriously don't know. I stay clean and quite hygienic, dress pretty decent and smell nice too whenever I go out. I know how to take care of myself appearance wise so that isn't the concern.
Have I just been extremely unlucky with girls?
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