Psychology of a Drunk Text

Does it really make people say the truth and speak their minds.?What are the reasons a girl would drunk text you?


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  • Hmm good question.

    I think that to a small extent, drunk texting can show the real thoughts of an individual which they keep hidden whilst sober. However, in my case, drunk texting is certainly far from the truth...

    I'd wake up in the morning after a night out and notice the ridiculous texts I've sent. For example, "Hey RIch, you knoww that I used to have a white hair? I found out that unicorns gave it to me and they want you to become one of them mate."

    That certainly wasn't a more truthful text than when I'm sober.

    • Yeah but she is normally wild and crazy to begin with and her emotional side aka the truth comes out when she is drunk or really upset.

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  • She most likely had an interest in you already. Drinking lowers inhibitions and makes people act impulsively at times. She probably thought of you and with the help of some liquid courage decided to text you whatever it was that she texted you.

    • I hope your right. Her and I are going through a very rough patch in our friendship. I don't know if she liked me at one point or not and trying to figure out if its even worth it to try and patch things up with her.

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  • Tends to always be things they wouldn't say sober but only partially made up of their sober thoughts. Take it as an inclination of part of what she thinks. Like seeing a silhouette, you know someones there but just not the details.

  • My Mom is "Mom" in my phone. The girl I bang when I'm drunk is "Monica".

    Mom and Monica are right next to one-another in my phone contacts.

    Drunk me invited my Mom to come bang me at 3:30am instead of Monica.

    Mom wasn't happy.

    Don't drunk dial.

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