Why does he keep sending me pointless text messages? Does he like me?

Sam stood me up, and I was mad and upset the whole night. My dad apparently called him and told him off, (btw Sam works for my dad.) The next morning I got 2 missed calls from Sam, and then a text. Please help me decipher these texts cause I don't know what he wants from me, or what he wants to say, just tell me what you think! Please read below, thank you! :)

Sam: Hey Amy! Your dad called me, I'm sorry I don't recall standing you up! I was so drunk, I don't remember even doing that. I am still so drunk, it was a rough night amy, its all bad, haha

Me: Hmm I don't know how my dad knows, but yeah it wasn't cool to do, but it didn't ruin my night or my life, ha ha :)

(Sam called me and I didn't answer then he texted me again)

Sam: lmfao

Sam kept on sending me texts and I wasn't responding cause I was so mad. But then he texted me something weird.

Sam: I hate my ex! She won't let me see my baby, I hope she suffers in a car wreck, and sees me look on as I do nothing

I am so sick of him and his tough guy act, so I figured I would get him a subtle way.

Me: I think you would help her. Your image of hard and tough is a defense mechanism against something traumatic that happened to you in life. You associate sensitivity with weakness. Your not a a**hole as much as you portray.

(Sam responded 10 min later, do you think I stumped him?)

Sam: Okay Psychologist

I think I opened a flood gate with my psychology crap, cause he started to endless text me about his ex, his baby, and life.

It's the next day, and he sends me a pointless text

Sam: FYI I won 6 games and got 5 home runs

Me: did you get any balls to the face while your at it? lol

Sam: Nope

Me: that's unfortunate! lol

Me; I would like to see these home runs your bragging about

I realized what I said and thought how stupid are you?

Sam: Come to my games fool

Then sam texted me the next day, another pointless text

Sam: Derby time

Me: Who's winning? lol

Sam: Not pedro

Me: I wanted sanchez to win lmao (I know nothing about sports, I made that person up)

Sam: Jennie Finch is on TV

Sam: she's my dream girl

Why do you think he said that? Is he that immature? Like really? Well I like to joke around, so this is what I said.

Me; She is my dream gril too!

Sam: Really?

Me: I would marry her! lol

sam: Really? You would? Are you a lesbian?

Me: I don't know what do you think? lol

Sam: Probably.

Me: I don't even know her! lmao

Sam: Damn you, lol

Like what is the point? Why does he keep texting me pointless texts? I don't know what he wants from me? Does he like me? How should I approach this? T

hanks guys and gals for answering! lol! one love, :)
Why does he keep sending me pointless text messages? Does he like me?
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