Hiding wealth while dating?

So I'm quite fortunate to have money and a high paying job, so my life is pretty stable now.

I hear how about how important money is to the dating scene. I can treat a girl like a queen, but I don't want to be take advantaged of.

So would anyone consider it dishonest if I hid my apparent wealth for af lleast the first few dates with a girl?

If asked my job, I could claim that I am just "financially stable IT worker." I would keep this up for a while.So instead of 5 star restaurants, I would opt for a diner.


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  • You do realize there's no need to broadcast even the "financially stable" part, right? That would seem to go against your desire to want to hide your wealth.

    If someone asks you what you do, tell them. It could be a job position, or the name of a company if it's well known (which is then usually followed by your job title anyway). There's no need at all to mention how much you get paid.

    Also, why not take her to a nice, "normal" restaurant instead of going out of your way to downgrade so as to appear like a normal guy? A normal guy wouldn't cheap out on a date with a girl.

    It either seems like you're thinking about this and trying to force your own behavior too much, or you subtly want to display your wealth by dropping little hints. But I won't make assumptions about that. Just take a girl out to a nice, normal restaurant and keep talk about your money out of things.


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  • I think you're spot on to hide wealth! There are so many people these days that think it's OK to go for money and financial security. Make your own if you ask me! People these days act like vultures and if the guys they are with weren't earning the money they do they really wouldn't be with them. I am sorry but there are a lot of scroungers out there. Go with what you're doing for more then just the first few dates. Tell them you are a trainee on minimum wage. I will bet your life there will be a difference!

  • I agree. Its pathetic how many gold diggers there are these days. I would definitely keep your wealth hidden for a bit until you are comfortable with the girl and trust that she likes you not your wallet. I wouldn't drastically lie about your job like saying you make minimum wage just do what you mentioned and say IT worker if that what you are.


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  • I've been there before. Surprisingly, most girls don't actually care about your wealth. Sure there are a few girls you should watch out for but they're easy to spot who's real and who's not with experience. As long as you're having a good time it shouldn't matter how much you spend. I don't really spend a lot on dates only because I'm not the type that would spend recklessly. No reason to announce your finances but you shouldn't lie either. Dishonesty is never the way to go. My dates normally figure it out when they see my car anyways.

  • I think it's a good idea. In this day and age, there are simply too many gold-diggers out there. If I had money, not only would I hide the fact for the first few dates in order to see if the girl liked me or my money, I'd also insist on getting a pre-nup before marrying a girl. The world is just too crazy anymore to not play it safe with your money.

    • HAHA you just sound like a complete idiot. HATE HATE HATE it when men play victim. Bitch if they are gold diggers why is your dumbass giving her $$$ because you won't say the second part. Yes she's a goldigger and your a sick pig who wants sex. I call it how I see it. Enough of that.

      ATTENTION: Yes, I agree with you. Hiding your financial status is the SMARTEST thing you can do. Why trust girls right away that's dumb and silly. Make her want to get to know YOU as well as you her and be a gentleman.

    • I'm confused? Playing victim? I never said I had money, I said I'd hide the fact if I did. It's a good way to know if a girl likes you or your money. As for the part about a pre-nup, it can't hurt to play it safe these days, in some states you can lose property you came into the marriage with, not just property you acquired together while married. Sick pig who wants sex? I'm a virgin saving myself for marriage, not some player that looks for one night stands.

    • Why are you talking about pre-nup...ok I get it. GEEZ you men are stupid.

      To the person who wrote the question: Look just take it slow its the BEST way to read both genders. Trust me bad habits take long to come out. This is just a date relax...breath...ok your fine. Never give somebody your all until they have proven themselves. She can act like a lay and still be attractive as an independence woman hey give her a chance. Just like men read them carefully. But its just dating nothing too fast yet