Girlfriend talks to guy who likes her

Do you guys/girls see something wrong with this...I told my girlfriend that I don't like her talking to a guy that likes her and she still talks to him. she said she feels bad so she talks to him cause he cries and won't stop texting, but he keeps texting her shit like "i wanna be with you". she says that she told him she doesn't want to be with him but he keeps doing it...and she keeps talking to do I bring this up again without causing a fight?

ps I know she would never cheat, it just makes me sad when she talks to him...


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  • I'm in a similar position with my boyfriend and a guy that likes me. The guy told me he loved me, tried paying for my movie tickets, and is generally super nice in the way infatuated guys are. We both consider each other friends so I wouldn't stop talking to him at work, but I don't take his calls, and send short responses in text. I guess the key is to strike a balance, I mean she can be friends with him but keep him at a distance. If bothers you that much, she needs to be more firm with him and maybe ignore those "I wanna be with u" texts. Don't tell her to stop talking to him completely, that will cause a fight.


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  • Honestly, I understand where you are coming from, but she is entitled to her friends (including guys), just like you are yours. Granted, that doesn't mean she should be talking to some guy who consistently hits on her and begs for her back. She should have told this guy a long time ago that regardless, she is in a relationship and that you come before this guy. What the guy is doing sounds like he is trying to make her feel guilty and have pity for him, which isn't always a good sign. It doesn't mean your girlfriend will cheat, but it more than likely means he is trying to get her to leave you. By the sounds of it, she won't leave you, but she still needs to tell this guy up front, because if she doesn't he will only continue to to try and reach out to her other ways (phone calls, hanging out, etc.). She is allowed to stay friends with him if she wishes, but she needs to tell him about you and her priorities. If she has and issue with doing that, then she isn't being respectful of you.

  • What does she say to him? I feel bad if she is leading him on. Since she is not going to cheat then it really shouldn't affect you at all.

  • She needs to stop

    This isn't ok


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  • I get how she should stop talking to him, but the guy is such a wimp that he doesn't know how to attract a woman or else he wouldn't be crying to her.

    • well she saw him a few times but chose me after she met me and now we're exclusive and told him so

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    • true and she says she deeply cares for me and couldn't see herself dating any other guy. but she also misses talking to him...i find that a little weird

    • She might think of him as a friend\aquaintencs