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6 mo

Should a Woman Settle for Whatever Man Shows Interest, Yes or No?

No one should settle for someone less than what they want regardless of gender. It is unfair to both sides. You're being unfair to yourself, and your partner because they also deserve someone who... Dating

6 mo

Why is social media such a misogynist place?

It's easier to voice hateful statements online because they know that stating them out in real life would lead to some well-deserved consequences. Guy's Behavior

6 mo

Is "love" REAL? It seems like just a word to get women and men to have sex, and then it ALL falls apart eventually?

The idea of love that many people have is not real, but love itself is. If you expect love to be some kind of force that just takes you over and everything becomes dreamy afterwards because it... Relationships

7 mo

Do you want someone to be as crazy as you for them in a relationship?

Absolutely. I always put a lot of energy and effort into my relationship and not getting the same energy back makes the relationship very unbalanced and that leads to resentment. Relationships

7 mo

Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to say "men are useless"?

Because men themselves excuse their poor behavior with "boys will be boys" so society doesn't expect anything of them from a young age. Because men themselves excuse their incompetence with... Society & Politics

7 mo

Are quiet boyfriends boring?

It's not annoying unless quiet means that he literally doesn't communicate. Relationships

7 mo

Though money and looks draw attention, what do you prioritize developing to maintain value in a relationship?

The ability to be responsible for yourself and draw/respect boundaries. Otherwise it can really turn things ugly. Relationships

7 mo

Do you believe girls mature faster?

Girls don't mature faster, they are simply held accountable for their actions more than boys. It's not like as soon as my period started I no longer had anymore childlike traits. I still wanted to... Girl's Behavior

7 mo

Why do so many people take rejection so badly?

I genuinely believe that the world will be a much better place if we raised the next generation with the teaching that being told no is okay, being rejected is okay, and that it is not the end of... Relationships

7 mo

How many chances do you give someone who has red flags until you ditch them because you’re so attracted to them?

I'd firstly give him a chance by communicating the problem but if the problem persists with no initiative to improve then leave. Dating

7 mo

Why is he poor in communication?

That is a huge problem that you should address. I recommend scheduling a day to talk to him and let him know that you will only give him a certain time period to make things better, and if he... Relationships

7 mo

Is it bad if two people in a relationship need each other?

Depends on how you approach it. You shouldn't need your partner in a sense that you can't have a healthy functional life without them, but also I see no point in relationships if my man cannot... Relationships

7 mo

What's your opinion on couples matching?

It's fun, but may not be everyone's cup of tea especially if you have totally opposite aesthetics. But I happen to have some edgy clothing pieces that match my boyfriend's style and I find it fun... Relationships

7 mo

While unmarried, would you feel more comfortable living with your current/future significant other or having your own place? Why?

I wouldn't unless it's a very stable relationship and we've been dating for a while. But I'd still need separate bedrooms and my boyfriend agrees. We don't live together and are happy with our own... Relationships

7 mo

Would you date a man or a woman who is rich but won't spend any of it on you until both of you are married?

Absolutely not. There are personal boundaries like sex, living together, making big changes in life/career that are fine to not do or limit before marriage, but the money aspect is particularly... Dating

7 mo

Ladies why would you date a criminal?

Depends highly on the crime. I wouldn't care less about something like a case of possessing some drugs when he was younger, as long as he is not taking those in the present (primarily because I... Dating

7 mo

Do guys like quiet and introverted girls? I always see guys always go for the outspoken and extroverted girl and never the quiet girl?

It's less about guys not liking introverted women and more about extroverted women just putting themselves out there more so it increases their chances of finding a partner. Introverts tend to get... Dating

7 mo

Do you believe that a relationship should always be "fair"?

It should overall be fair, but it is completely natural to have fluctuations throughout. Sometimes you will be the one carrying more responsibilities and sometimes you will be very low on your... Relationships

7 mo

If it's ok for a woman to wait until marriage to have sex then is it ok for a man not to want to spend money on her until she's his wife?

You spend money on your friends, family and other loves ones all the time. You buy them gifts, food etc. Do you tell those people the same thing? Just never spend money on a surprise party or... Relationships

7 mo

Do guys prefer big boobs or small boobs? Why?

Having big boobs myself and from knowing the experiences of others who also have big boobs, their partners tend to love them! I've never had anyone complain about my breasts. Most men love boobs... Guy's Behavior

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