My experience getting paid to talk to men

My experience getting paid to talk to men

So, last week I decided to experiement in doing non-nude webcamming, not my more proud moment, but not the worst. I'm glad I did it actually. I met a lot of very interesting characters and didn't even get on camera (I know that doesn't qualify as "camming")

Here's the twist, these guys PAID to talk to me. I've heard of guys having online girlfriends, but not paying for them. So I decided to have a try at it. It was actually extremely easy. So for those of you that answered my previous question with doubt, I proved you wrong.

So, to be successful you have to meet people. These guy were eager to meet beautiful women, so finding guys to talk to wasn't hard. Finding paying customers was a different challenge. There are so many things for free online that guys can access. Pretty much anything they want. So why did these guys pay to talk to ME? Someone that was not going to get on cam, do anything erotic or watch them do something erotic.

Simple, because guys don't very often meet intelligent, sweet and beautiful women all in one package, which I was convinced I had all of those traits. So to begin with my journey, I schmoozed these men, which they gladly accepted. I learned that men want to hear nice things about themselves, just like women. So by making them feel secure with themselves talking to me, instead of however they felt talking to these other women, gave me a running start. Within days I had a group of regulars that would sign on just to talk to me.

Now the way I learned this is I read "Memiors of a Geisha" (yes you read that correctly I READ it, not watch the movie) and these BEAUTIFUL japanese women would be lavished with gifts and money to have tea with these wealthy men wanting to be entertained by their favorite geisha. So I figured that if I could accuire some of these skills that I read up on, I'd be okay. And it was true.

So that made me a triple threat kind of girl. Attractive (not for everone I get it, to each his own) Smart and nice. The guys were thrilled by this, and paid me generously for spending my time with them. Why would they spend their money on me instead of the girls selling their nudes?

This one is for the ladies to read, guys are NOT all about sex! For most men, intimacy is better than sex. So someone that they know and care about and are all around attracted to are sexier than any porn star or model. These men wanted intimacy and a connection that they were lacking in real life. I was so happy I could give that to them and they were actually mostly very sweet and polite men.

Sure, there were a few assholes (I can probably count on one hand) that only wanted to see nudes, which is fine, I just had to tell them no and that was that. I like to think I connected well wth these men and would love for women to know that thats all they really want. Guys want to be complimented, even flattered every once in a while, give them an ego boost! Don't agree with everything they say, because you have your own opinions and personality (and they like the challenge) Also, make yourself approachable and fun to talk to, it really makes them come out of their shell and you find out how interesting and delightful they are.

Also, when they want to spoil you, LET THEM. I've made this mistake hundreds of times, not knowing that they actually WANTED to spoil me, I thought they felt obligated. Let them be a man!

My experience getting paid to talk to men
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