Don't sell your old textbooks


Don't sell your old textbooks

When I was in college, my parents always advised me not to sell my old textbooks. They said that by keeping the textbooks I will always have that knowledge and information to go back and look on.

Being a full time student with limited funds, I ignored this advice and always sold my old textbooks back to the bookstore. Textbooks are expensive; it isn't easy to live with scarce funds. When college bookstores offered to buy back textbooks after the term ended, so naturally it made sense to sell back the textbook and have extra spending money.

8 years later, I regret doing that.

Without textbooks, it's become very difficult to remember all the lessons, insight, mathematical formulas, key words, and all the important information that I learned with the classes that required those books. If I still had my old textbooks, I could always go back to them and conveniently refresh my memory with the knowledge I attained from that class.

After college, your life will take lots of twists and turns. You may find yourself jumping from one job to the next. Having your old textbooks to always remember what you learned and studied in college will be a very convenient tool to make you more competitive in the job market when you're looking to improve your career.

Don't sell your old textbooks
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Lol most of us will never find use for the material in our textbooks after college. So yeah, I'd rather get a few hundred bucks than have a bunch of useless books sitting around.
    • Accipiter

      So you'd be willing to sell the memories and lessons worth thousands of dollars of the college classes you signed up for a couple hundred bucks?

    • Yes. Yes I would. The memories definitely don't come from the textbook. This past semester I had a book for every class, but I only actually read two (out of five) of them, and even those I only looked at every 3 weeks or so.

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