Answering the College Question: To Go, Or Not To Go


This seems to be an important topic on here. "Should I go to college?" "Should i drop out of high school?" for example.

Well I believe that basic school education is important, and I know college isn't for everyone.

College And School Education.

I don't think I'll even be able to afford college without a scholarship or two, but I'm certainly gonna go. I plan on majoring in Creative Writing (Or whatever writing classes the school has) and minoring in philosophy or photography or psychology. (or a combo if possible).

I believe college to be important if you wish to have a career. Of course it isn't necessary, but I believe it'll certainly help. I wish to become an author and I believe I have a talent for writing. That doesn't mean I'll get published as I plan to.

But, if I go to college, I might have a better chance at getting my shit published.

(Here's a few examples -> )

I know not everyone wants to go to college, and not everyone feels the need to.

But think of this. Do you want to become an architect? A professional dancer? Wanna work at google? Wanna be an author or artist or a philosopher? Then college is the place you need to go.

I know you may feel as if school is bullshit. You might agree with the guy below (his video is funny, you should watch it) But usually college classes ( and even some high schools) have programs/classes simply for everything he complains about. Generally people don't even learn the stuff taught to them in middle/high school because they don't pay attention. The basics are needed, but his complaints are usually taken care of in classes in high school or some colleges. Although I do agree with him on quite a few of his complaints (such as the teaching kids to parent, and the helping the depressed friend) I do not think that some of his complaints are 100% true, since these schools DO offer to teach some of them.

(Some people are naturally stupid so I'm not gonna continue on this)

You can't become what you want without college (unless you want to strip, strippers make a lot of money *hint hint* ;) )

Sure you may not "feel" like going to high school right now or feel as if it's useless. But graduate. Get your GED, get a started job and work towards what you want.

(Wanna be a writer? Here's a list of 10 in the USA to look at )

Now I'm not usually one that has a strong opinion on something for/against the norm (sarcasm by the way I ALWAYS have strong opinions on a lot of stuff), but I believe college is super important if you feel you want a career in life. But even if you can't afford it, scholarships help A LOT. Apply to 02394875 of them! I have so far applied to 20 and haven't won 1 (some haven't finished yet) but really though, the more you apply to, the more chance you have of winning one or more.

Answering the College Question: To Go, Or Not To Go

I know we may differentiate, but this is my personal opinion. If you enjoy doing x, y, z whatever, then fucking do it. If you need to go to college then go and make your dream become a reality. I have a higher chance of becoming an author if I go to college. Maybe not BECAUSE of college itself, but because college may help me improve my writing. College itself may not have an impact on you DOING x, y, z, but it may help you to improve upon x,y,z. Everyone is different, I know this, but at the same time a lot of humans are similar in many ways.

So if you don't wanna go to college then don't. At the very least, I suggest finishing high school. But hey, I'm a random person on the internet, there's no need to listen to me. Do what you want.

(*Hint* Strippers make a lot of money, stripping may help pay off x,y,z.)

Don't go to college, go to college, whatever floats ya boat.

Now, I'm gonna keep looking for colleges with good writing programs. Good luck in your endeavors for success people!
Answering the College Question: To Go, Or Not To Go
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