My lecturer from Hell

My lecturer from Hell

This may be the most random my take on here but I thought this would provide some sort of entertainment for the GAG community.

Last year was my first year in university (or college in American terms). This was a diploma and pretty much covered everything to do with digital art. Now in this particular story I will focus on the time we focused on Graphic Design. It was the first component and lasted maybe 8 weeks or so.

In this component I basically had two lecturers: One really sweet and shy one and the other sort of spawn of Satan.

Now keep in mind that the mean one barely taught us. She was the head of the diploma course so of course she was fairly busy... until one day my sweet and innocent lecturer got overwhelmed with work and decided to ask for help.

I had no problems with the other lecturer at first when I met her. She was there during orientation to show us around and she seemed pretty relaxed and cracked some jokes. Or maybe I was on the high of being in my dream university that I didn't seem to notice her angry behaviours.

Anyways, we had these sketchbooks that were called journals and we had to do all development and research in there. Every week they would be given to the lecturers to mark and bla bla bla.

So before spawn of Satan I was getting A's every week. I was happy and my parents were happy that I was not wasting their money haha.

Then one day our sweet and innocent lecturer said we will have two lecturers since she does not have enough time and too much workload. No one thought anything of it to be fair. As soon as the other lecturer walked in we were all doing work (probably logo making) and since she had nothing to do she decided to remark our journals. Not only was she yelling at everyone for not doing it correctly but she told the nice teacher the markings were wrong and re did them. I only went down to a B but some went down as to fail their journal work.

This mayhem carried on with her yelling at us if we talked or listened to music. She would yell if we did a project our way (our won techniques) and not hers because it was apparently "wrong". She would literally take someone's mouse and re do their work for them.
I did not enjoy this simply because this was an Art class and we should have freedom that she basically restricted from us.

I remember one week our nice lecturer was sick and we had the other one for. An. Entire. Week.

It was torture. I got a headache from her constant yelling. She would march behind you and watch you work. It was all intimidating and I felt like I was in high school not university.

From all her bursts of anger none of us could take it. Until one day.

This satan figure got annoyed that the students were not cleaning the dishes (we have a little kitchen area). And one other lecturer was putting the dishes in the dish washer. When my angry lecturer walked up to her and yelled at the top of her lungs that the students should do it. She very angrily banged all the cups and such on the counter. The poor other lecturer looked almost in tears as well.

Long story short the head came in (the satans boss) and told us how this lecturer went on to "Further study". I dont buy that bullshit for a second because the lecturer told us when we met her that she has 6 degrees. Anyways, we were just happy to have her out of our lives. She was soon replaced by a much nicer lecturer who was mainly into web design. The year from then on went smoothly but I dont think any of us will forget the lecturer from hell.

My lecturer from Hell
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