My First Presentation At College!


The college day just ended for me, today- and I really liked it today. Usually, presentations aren't my "thing" and at secondary school presenting a presentation for me was like Spider-Man in Infinity War...

"I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, sir, please, please, I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go!"

But today at college it was different. I can't really explain why- I kind of had this new found 'confidence' in me I guess. I mean a logical explanation would be, I've started college, met new people become more confident with that, I've ventured out of my own area with going to college, and overall I think the independence college gives me compared to secondary school, has made me a lot more confident as I said.

This was me in action😂
This was me in action😂

I mean, the day started like my days normally do, I woke up, did the bathroom stuff, got dressed did my hair, went downstairs, ate breakfast, packed my bag- then went to the bus stop. And as usual the bus was late. The bus ride was nice/kind of stressing about being late/funny. Funny because there was this adorable little kid who got on the bus and insisted on playing peekaboo with me- so I did and his mother was just smiling at me, but after that she put him in his pram and within an instant he turned into a screaming child....

It was like: "You're adorable, but please stop screaming."

Anyway, I arrived late at college, but I didn't get a latemark😂

And we were all told to get into groups of three, and prepare a presentation on one of the topics we have studied so far. Luckily, we chose our groups by ourselves and I paired up with two really nice girls.

I felt like I was taking on a leadership role a little bit, because I was directing them what to do, and we were all not fussed about what we had to do. I mean, I wasn't a dictator like:


It was more like:

Me: "What topic do you guys wanna do?"

Girl 1: I'm not really fussed.

Girl 2: Me neither.

Me: "I'm not either to be honest"

*We all sit there in silence*

Me: "Okay guys, how about we do topic 4, and you could do page 1, you could do page 2, I'll do page 3 and whoever finishes first can do page 4?"

Girl 1: "Okay, sure."

Girl 2: "Alright."

So we all wrote up what we had to write, and usually in group work, you'll hear of kids slacking leaving one kid to do everything, and then in the end they all put their names on whatever they're doing- but this wasn't one of those cases. We all put a good amount of work in making the PowerPoint.

When it was time to present though, the other two girls in my group were shy and felt really nervous about standing up in front of the class and speaking and I know what that feeling is like- I've been there, so I decided to take one for the team, and present it myself.

I was kind of nervous, lowkey shitting it you could say, and I made like a weird noise at the beginning which was kind of like sallowing a burp-ish? And what we had written on the slides were LONG so I did stutter a little reading stuff out, especially since we didn't rehearse, so I was kind of put on the spot.

As well as taking one for the team, another reason I wanted to present our presentation was because I wanted to tell everyone that 'mortgage' comes from old French/Latin, and 'mort' means death, and 'gage' means pledge, so if you get a mortgage you're in a way, getting a death pledge.

My class were actually pretty supportive of me, I was convinced I'd done poorly, but I got a big round of applause type thing, and when I went back to my table people were telling me I'd done good and "sick" - in Britain sick can be slang for good and in this context it was I usually use it in the non-slang context but others don't haha - so I felt a little better about it.

And even my teacher said that with what we wrote was pretty long, so he was kind of worried for me, but he said I delivered it well, I apparently kept everyone engaged in what I was saying too.

So I know most you don't care about what happens in my life- but I just thought I'd share this experience anyway because it was a nice experience, I mean once at secondary school I ended up crying after a presentation because I thought I'd done so badly, and I felt really nervous, embarrassed, upset- and that was only last year, so I feel like I've come a long way since then and just wanted to share it with you guys :) <3

Thank you for reading <3 :)

Little Update: It's not actually me in the Spidey costume, I was being sarcastic xD

My First Presentation At College!
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  • I'm so proud of you!

    Presenting in front of people truly is a difficult task, even though I am an extrovert I get shy in front of crowds during presentations :p

    Well done!

    Is that actually you in that spiderman suit? We aren't allowed to wear full suits at college, makes the staff have to confirm that we are actually all who we say we are, so we can't have our hoods up indoors, can't wear hats indoors and any other thing that covers the face... We also need to wear our ID badges everywhere too :D

    But no, well done indeed! I do care about what happens in your life, I just don't always put a opinion on them all because I don't always feel like I can give a useful opinion or comment on the post, but I am interested in them :)

    Keep up the good work! <3
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    • Thank you for your response and no- it's not actually me in that Spidey suit- I was being sarcatsic xD

      My college is pretty chilled out about dress codes and what not- but the secruity guards always insist our ID badges should be on display :)

    • Oh, well I am sure a spidey suit would be cool on you :)

      Yeah, ID badges really are a big importance for students ;p

    • Thank you :)

  • Shark_61695
    Sounds great...

    My number one tip for presentations is never read out what is on the slide, everyone in the audience can do that... say the same thing in your own words and it gives two versions of the same message.
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    • Yeah, my teacher told us that after we presented. I said what I'd wrote in my own words, but it was all very last minute.

    • Also, you achieved the first step in becoming a great leader... you made a decision. Even if the final presentation is nothing like the topic you first chose, making a choice is like the starting gun of doing anything.

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  • Annie12234
    Well done and you should proud of yourself also you should deserve pat on your back or get treat something you want. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great myTake of yours 👍🏼👍🏼 wish all the best of luck 💪🏼❤️🌸
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  • SamirahD22
    🤣🤣 why are you dressed like that?
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    • Lol, it's not actually me, you know that right? xD

    • I thought it was you. Under the pic it says, "me in action". lol

    • I was being sarcastic xD

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  • kanelives
    Thats nice, something that helps calm me down is reassuring myself that i know the material and curves are the others dont. So it makes me feel like i am more teaching than presenting. Also means that questions i get are not because they are testing me, but because they want to know more or didn't understand.
    • kanelives

      Chances are* not curves

    • Oh, you're a teacher? I didn't know that. Respect to you sir :)

    • kanelives

      I am not a teacher! Im an aerospace engineering student. I just help friends with material all the time and "teach" those who come to me for help. I tutor anyone who asks, but i haven't been asked often.

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  • tartaarsaus
    Sounds great!

    Presenting can suck tbh (I hd to present some end project with a guy who just made it about a totally unrelated thing), but also can be so rewarding
  • Sevenpointfive
    there's a lot to say about brains and confidence. well done spidergirl!
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Way to go, madam SpiderManFan2002! I'm proud you showed the confidence. Keep it up, rad madam.
  • WhiteShoulder
    That's great! <3
  • Blitzkrieg_88
    Well done. Good mytake.
  • justawhiteman
    your very welcome really cool post!
    • I have severe stage fright myself and people constantly talk about it in front of me and I hate it

    • Thank you :)

    • not that anyone in my life cares especially a bunch of strangers but whatevs

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    Cool 😎
  • bangyourhead
    Well it isn't you, for one.
    Best of luck
  • Nilanjan
    Best of luck for your future