Do you think dress codes are sexist against girls?

Personally, I do not. And I find it annoying how so many girls complain about this stuff. It's like, shut up and be grateful you can even get an education. This is one of the main reasons I don't agree with modern feminism, making victims out of nothing.
I get that girls are being sent home more, but that's because they are breaking dress code more! Why in the hell would they send guys home if they're not breaking dress code? Why would they tell guys to not wear crop tops and booty shorts when they already don't do that? Use common sense feminists.

And yes, I also think it's inappropriate for boys to go to school sagging pants and wearing wifebeater shirts, and yes they should be sent home and yes my school did send boys like that home. What kind of irresponsible parents send their kids to school like this?

I get so tired of these stupid hashtags and stories about girls complaining that supposedly their time is being taken, and that their education is important. I get that. But then shut up and put on a full shirt and shorts that cover your asscheeks. It's not that complicated. You are in school to learn, not be fashionable, not be trendy, to LEARN.

I have spoken to many people in HR, and the horror stories they've told me about teens and young adults dressing like scandalous morons. Girls wearing low cut tank tops and miniskirts, guys sagging their pants, showing off their boxers, and other completely inappropriate clothes. And of course they did not get hired. And I just shake my head and cringe when I see these stupid #I'mNotADistraction hashtags. Your ass is soon gonna be #IAmUnemployedBecauseIWoreACropTopToAnInterview.

So what are your thoughts, sexist or not?
Do you think dress codes are sexist against girls?
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Do you think dress codes are sexist against girls?
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