How do I handle a disrespectful intern?

I'm a tax accountant & this year I'm the supervisor for our 3 interns. It has been 2 weeks with them. The first 2 weeks are the hardest due to the amount of information at the start and it can be overwhelming.

One guy is becoming someone I don't want to work with. He's retired Army & finishing his degree. So he's older (30's), I'm 25, maybe that bothers him? His tone of voice when he asks me for help comes off as more demanding. He acts like he knows everything, but this is his first tax internship. He did some taxes through a college program, but I know the program only does basic returns. If I give him an answer that is not what he thinks, he argues with me. I've been doing this job at this firm for 4 years, I know that I am younger than him, but I do actually know more than him due to tax being a subject you learn from doing and repetition, not in college. He interrupts me when I'm talking to him, & wants to me stop helping the other interns to help him instead. I feel like I am wasting my breath every time I help him. I don't want to deal with this all tax season. I'm already stressed enough without this.

A coworker told me that he flat out ignored her emailed request to come see her so she could explain the corrections she told him to make on a return. I know he saw it because he fixed the return. She told me that he was rude to her, & that she thinks he's too cocky & he thinks he's too good for an internship. She basically refuses to help him now. She had a co-worker in her office talking, & he came into her office, says" sorry for interrupting" & then starts asking his question. He didn't even knock or see if it was a good time.

I'm not sure what to do. I plan to wait until the end of the week to see if he changes when he's more comfortable. Should I go to my boss & let her know the situation, or should I talk to him first? My concern with talking to him is that I don't feel like he respects me & I don't think anything I say will make things different.
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Well I finally made a decision. Yesterday his attitude pushed me over the edge. I wouldn't acknowledge him trying to ask me a question while I was helping another intern, (I was even mid sentence too) so he said "well forget it then" and stormed off. He left to go to school and I went to talk to my boss. She talked to some people at the office who has had problems with him and now she is talking to him the morning. She said that it was unacceptable and no one will talk like that in this office.
How do I handle a disrespectful intern?
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