Dave Ramsey - Worth it or Nah?

For those of you who know of him and his Financial Peace University.

I owe a little over 3.5K on my car. It's my only debt. I have the money in my account to pay it all off right now, and I know that's what Dave teaches (the whole beans and rice thing) but the thought of having 3.5K less in my account makes me nauseous. As it stands now, my budget is set to have it paid off by July. My loan is 6 years, but this July will be exactly at the the 3 year mark so I will have paid it off early.

I have no other debt.

Would you write a check for the 3.5K right now, leaving you with 10K in the bank or do you think it's ok to wait?

Given the current global pandemic situation I'm a little nervous to spend money. I'm currently still working (from home) but I know the company is hurting and I live in an expensive area of the country.

I feel like 3.5K is right on that line of being small enough that it's easy to pay off in payments but also I COULD write a check today and be done with it, ya know?
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Dave Ramsey - Worth it or Nah?
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