🧐 What is a good career for someone obsessed with “what is true vs untrue ”?

I don’t necessarily mean lying. Things can be untrue without intentional deceit or they can be partially true intentionally and unintentionally etc, etc, etc

For myself, whatever the situation my mind automatically gravitates towards skepticism and my default positions seems to be-
‘idk if this is true 🤨 IF true how does that work IF untrue how does that work’
- Within wherever given argument or context

I tend to find people’s easy acceptance of ridiculous things almost more frustrating than the original culprit. I spend some time suspended in disbelief not over the info but the reactions. Or lack of any reaction or what seems to me to be a reasonable reaction…This isn’t a _good_ thing and I know I need to work on it, I’m just keeping that in mind when thinking of work

I have enormous endurance for focusing on something that I suspect is false. Ideally it’s important but I can for sure get caught up in mental knots over somewhat trivial matters as well, unfortunately. Not proud of this 👀

Whether the focus is Important or trivial, any obsession tendencies can be a liability so obviously I need a position where this is an asset:


Now, I don’t want to be a cop or interrogator or work for
CIA -CentralIntelligenceAgency
FBI -Federal Bureau of Investigation
NRO -National Reconnaissance Office
NSA -National Security Agency
DOD -Department of Defense [WAR]
DHS -Department of Homeland Security
DEA -Drug Enforcement Agency
DOE -Department of Energy
__People & or organizations with three letter acronyms. Too cryptic. Don’t Trust it. 😛
(half jk)

Not adding a poll bc I don’t want to prejudice anyone… Any creative minds out there who want to give it go ALL answers welcome 🤗 💞💞

OH! I also care about humanity ‘n stuff sooooo you know respect justice dignity compassion adjacent- if not specifically friendly- environment, if possible 👍🏻
🧐 What is a good career for someone obsessed with “what is true vs untrue ”?
🧐 What is a good career for someone obsessed with “what is true vs untrue ”?
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