I want to drop out pharmacy and become a pilot, is that a good idea?

Hello everybody,
I am a second year student in pharmacy. I struggled a lot to come here. When I was in the first year I failed it and repeated it again and then only I could come to the second year. Now this year I am again facing problems and have exams to repeat. I feel like I can never catch up, we have always so many things to do and learn, it feels like there is no end. I had many hopes for the second year but when I saw that my efforts didn't pay I went through a big depression, I went for an appointment and the psychologist told me I am going through a depression phase. After that she wanted me to see another psychologist, she gave me many numbers but I couldn't even take an appointment because of my busy university schedule (everyday from 8 am to 5 pm...).
I am tired of all this and I want to stop feeling worthless, there are really no words to explain my sadness and how much I cried.
I don't want to fail the year and I don't want to start a new degree all over again. This will depress me more.
There is one field that interests me a lot and I have big passion for it. It's a hard job but it's wonderful. And plus financially I will earn way more than a pharmacist. I want to be a pilot. Would you advice me to switch to a pilot academy? (As far as I know it takes 2 years, one year theory and one year practice)
I want to drop out pharmacy and become a pilot, is that a good idea?
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