Was my manager jealous and./ Or stressed?

I have ask a question 4 days ago regarding to tell my big boss my question is on my profile saying should I go above?

Maybe y'all can help me out on this


Me. A coworker and my manager

My manager and a coworker was right beside the rehab door

And the man came around and I look straight at my manager my manager look straight at me

He look at my manager
Back at me
Said hey Jasmine hru
And then i smiled a little smile behind the mask
And my manager didn't take her eyes off of me
So I didn't even. Anknowledge him tbh

But not just that though... I'm seriously not knowing if I should literally tell him ( because he the boss over everyone literally and the building literally )
About how my manager did.. a confidentiality.. about me to another coworker.

Soo I just kept close
np just don't understand why my manager would be like that towards me it like someone was jealous she was blocking the door way she was entering the door that why I kept looking at her.. she said she was just stressed it I'm not sure. it like she was jealous like I'm not even gonna fight over a man fuck that I'm just in pain and wanna get work done. Ik state is in here sooo I'm not sure. What truly going on
She was jealous
She was stressed
She was jealous and stressed
I don't know?
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Should I go above? ↗ go answer this This is regarding to the same manager
1 y
by the way the man I was talking about was my big boss who was over her and the entire staff
Was my manager jealous and./ Or stressed?
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