I outperform my coworkers and they ostracize me, what should I do?

I have a job in healthcare and I love it. The work life balance, the hours, the type of work. I received two raises already in less than a year. I do make mistakes just like anyone else though.

I'm more outgoing and patients love me and say I'm efficient and one of the best. Surprisingly the girl that trained me ( that I could tell didn't like me for no reason originally) will recommend me to patients if she has pto.

My work speaks for itself. Yet ever since I've started, there has been subtle little things with people. Like this one girl that tries to act like a supervisor. I've had to confront her before. She's been jealous anytime someone new has started working there.

There's another one- a paunchy hispanic that tries so hard to be like the wanna be supervisor and I've heard her make little comments when I was starting, as if she was saving the day because I was still getting into the pace of things.

Sometimes patients will even request me over others and they hate it. I haven't ever dealt with cattiness this much before. The hate, gossiping, etc. I have gone to the supervisor before but with no resolve. Yet he's gone out of his way for the one girl when she has complaints. I don't know how to navigate this honestly. Pretty soon, I know I'll reach a breaking point if this doesn't stop and it builds until I get to the point where I'll probably end up fighting someone.

I outperform my coworkers and they ostracize me, what should I do?
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